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Administrative Assistant

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Rachael Carson’s Bio for website

            Rachael Carson is a graduate of Maryville College with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development with a minor in sociology. She began her time with Mane Support as an intern and served as Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator (VCOC) for two years.  In an effort to pursue her passion for teaching she stepped down as VCOC and is now serving as Administrative Assistant.  She says all she wants to do in life is make a difference and be different.  She is fondly called Sunshine by her family and friends because of her upbeat and glowing personality.  She loves to be around people, children, and animals of all sizes in which she uses at both of her jobs.  She is a teacher at Little Scholars Christian Academy and Administrative Assistant  for Mane Support.            

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, going to the mountains, and listening to music.  Rachael is highly involved with her church playing the drums, leading one of the praise teams, and helping in the nursery, children’s church and sound booth.  Rachael believes God is first and foremost in her life.  She also believes that he has placed her in her positions for a reason and is grateful for the opportunity to give back.  She gives all glory to God, her father, for it truly belongs to him.

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