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One Step at a Time

Onsite and Offsite Workshops
The connection that the horse has to healing is a true journey, not a destination. Much like that of the grieving process, it is a process not an event. This workshop will provide information regarding the grief and loss issues of children, teens and families, while incorporating the techniques of equine assisted grief counseling, journaling, art and other experiential forms as avenues of listening to those who are grieving. Participants will have the opportunity for hands on learning, while being able to incorporate learned techniques into their professional areas.
These workshops are ideal for professionals in the field of therapy/counseling, teachers, school administrators, guidance counselors, hospice personnel, psychiatrists, psychologists, those interested in field of grief, loss, death, anticipatory grief and bereavement in our schools and communities.
To schedule an on or offsite workshop, please contact Kimberly Henry at (865) 233-3090 or

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