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Leading by the Reins Team Building

  Growing Teams with Perseverance, Faith and a Strong 

Foundation of Leadership.


The simple definition of the word team, is two or more working together.  When you add the word building to team, a process for creating and developing takes place.  Now, incorporate the experiential learning component of the horse and you have an arena of opportunity for building YOUR team from the ground up. 

During this experience team members will:

  • Experience extraordinary learning opportunities for building leadership, communication skills and development. 

  • Be a part of another type of team, as the horse teaches from the ground up.

  • Leave with a greater appreciation for each other, roles of all team members and be better equipped to address the issues of YOUR environment. 


Class time is 9:30a.m.-4:30p.m. and is limited to 10 persons per class. 

$145.00 per person, with lunch, drinks and snacks are provided

Please call or email Kimberly Henry to schedule   

                                        YOUR Leading by the Reins Team Building Experience                                                  

 (865)233-3090  OR 

Leading by the Reins Team Building Experience…       

Growing Teams with Perseverance, Faith       

                                                                                      and a                                                                                                                                                                     Strong Foundation of Leadership.                                                                                                        


 Personal Gifts and Individuality of Team Members                                                                  

 Understanding the importance of each team member

 Components of a Strong Team    

 Putting together the individual pieces: Communication, Connection, Leadership

Laying a Foundation of Strength      

Starting from the ground up to establish a platform sustainability

Pressing through with Perseverance    

Working through obstacles with understanding that builds a team endurance

Stepping UP in Faith and SITTING in Security

Developing a confident team, grounded in trust and certainty of abilities    


TAKING THE REINS of Leadership        

Establishing personal and professional leadership attributes

Moving the Herd Forward      

Renewing and re-establishing as a NEW TEAM emerges

Optional Second Day:

The optional second day of Leading by the Reins, allows for more information regarding Mane Support, equine assisted counseling and its purpose.                                          

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to work more with the horses.  This experience will provide an arena of knowledge regarding herd behavior, their leadership and communication skills and their God given attributes that teach us different ways to be the best we can be.

This day is only a 2- hour experience and is an additional 50.00 per person. 

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