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CEO and Founder

Kimberly’s passion of 15 years of hospice work with children and adults allowed her the vision for a different way of healing.  With horses always being a part of her life, she developed Mane Support, an equine assisted grief counseling program for those who have experienced a death, who are anticipating the death of someone they know or who have experienced other types of trauma and PTSD issues.  Whether in the schools, in the community or at the barn, Kimberly’s business model allows for learning, growth and healing.
Being certified through EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association at the Advanced Level pursuing Advanced Standing and ADEC, Association for Death, Education and Counseling, she is also an international speaker and educator regarding equine assisted counseling and nonprofit development.  Her experiences have led her to share the knowledge that she has gained from the horses and those she has met through her books, Hoof to Heart, Henry the Horse and His Very Special Gift and Looking through the Eyes of Hope. 
Kimberly considers all that she has learned, continues to learn from both people and horses and the opportunities she has to share those experiences to assist others, a God given gift and her life’s greatest honor.

Kim Henry: TeamMember
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