Mane Support is a nonprofit organization that provides a ministry through equine-assisted grief counseling to children, youth, teens, and adults who have experienced a death, who are anticipating the death of someone they know or who have experienced other types of trauma.

Mane Support is located in Blount County with services offered to the surrounding areas, nationally and internationally.

The connection that the horse has

to healing is a true journey, not a destination.

Much like that of the grieving process,

that is just what is says, a process not an event.

All of the activities are conducted on the ground; there is no riding.   In addition to individual and group sessions, Mane Support also offers community education, volunteer training, and corporate team building seminars.

As a nonprofit/501(c)3 organization, Mane Support receives funding for our programs from grants and private donors.  Fees are payment of choice.  Mane Support finds it important that no on be turned away due to financial difficulty, and we depend on our resources to ensure that children, families, and organizations receive the support that they need.

The therapists and equine specialists of Mane Support are certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).  In addition, experience, degrees, and certifications are held in the fields of equine training and management, child development, and thanatology (the academic study of death among humans).

Vision Statement

Through the healing power of horses, Mane Support is dedicated to broadening the continuum of grief counseling for those who have experienced a death or other types of trauma.  Equine-assisted grief counseling services, community education, and collaborative efforts with other individuals and organizations, work together within Mane Support to achieve the highest standard of care and compassion for those who are hurting in our communities.

Mission Statement

Mane Support provides a ministry through equine assisted grief counseling services to reach children, youth, teens, adults, and families who have experienced a death, anticipating the death of someone they know or who have experienced other types of trauma.


● Uphold a commitment of compassion and support to those who are hurting through a ministry of healing.

● Maintain the highest ethical and moral standards of professionalism.

● Ensure the integrity of Mane Support through actions of faith.