Ron Shanahan moved from Big Bear, CA to Maryville, TN on October 5, 2012 to be with his now wife Susan.

Ron got involved with Mane Support through Susan, as she started volunteering in the barn around May 2016.  Ron volunteered in many different aspects before being appointed to the board in December 2016.

Ron has a passion for horses and is knowledgeable about horses.

Ron works at Shoffner-Kalthoff (mechanical engineers) in Knoxville, TN as a commercial driver.

Ron looks forward to getting involved and helping children and families that need the services that Mane Support offers.

Being a part of Mane Support gives Ron a sense of giving back and doing good for people in need.

Ron is very outgoing and loves meeting new people and enjoys spreading the word about Mane Support.

Ron feels very strong about the ministry at Mane Support and believes it is an asset to the community.

Ron wants to be a part of the continuing growth at Mane Support and assist in maintaining its integrity and good ministry in the community.

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