Wish List

Barn Items

Horse feed (Strategy)

Pellet Bedding
Kitty litter (World’s Best Cat Litter)

Purina Cat Food
Manure fork replacement heads
Miracle Groom
Ivory dish soap

Rubber pavers (for the barn aisle)
Blank pavers (for the prayer garden that is currently under construction)

Art Supplies

Model Magic
Yarn (assorted colors/styles)
Construction paper
Finger paint (e.g., Crayola washable)

Other Supplies

Dixie cups
Sugar and Creamer
Coffee and Hot Chocolate
Individually packaged snacks
Bottled Water
Paper Plates
Plastic utensils
Copy paper
Swiffer sweeper
Swiffer refills (wet and dry)

Gift Cards

Hobby Lobby
Tractor Supply/Co-op
Kroger/Food City
The Horse Emporium
Foothills Co-op
Countryside Veterinary Services