Helping Herd Volunteer Program

Mane Support offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to become involved in a way that is most meaningful to them.  Volunteers may commit to specific tasks on a weekly basis, for a short-term project, or to assist with an annual project.

Volunteers are not paid –

not because they are worthless,

but because they are priceless!


Available volunteer roles:

Horse lovers: muck stalls, spread shavings, clean the barn, fill water buckets, feed, stack hay, brush horses, bathe horses!

Groundskeepers: design landscaping; plant, weed, and water flower beds; repair fences; mow and weed eat

Housekeepers: clean offices, group room, and restrooms on a weekly basis

Office assistants: answer phone, schedule clients, assist with mailings, organize newsletter, file

Advocates: market Mane Support to businesses and individuals, speak at community meetings regarding the mission and services of Mane Support, solicit private donations

Event planners: plan and implement fundraising events, participate in community awareness events


In addition to these suggested roles, we would be pleased to work with you to create a role that fits your talents, skills, and experiences in meeting Mane Support’s mission.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have knowledge of horses and horsemanship skills to volunteer at Mane Support?
Absolutely not! In order to ensure the safety of all, even volunteers who have extensive experiences with horses, are trained and supervised by the staff at all times.  Every horse is as individual as each human, and the equine specialists continue to learn about the personality of each horse.  Mane Support is pleased to provide opportunities for volunteers who want to learn more about horse behavior, natural instincts, herd behavior, and care.


I am very afraid of horses, but I want to help Mane Support.  Is there anything I can do that does not involve horses?
Yes!  Mane Support volunteers assist with administrative tasks, maintaining the facilities and grounds, publicizing the program, fundraising, and participating in community awareness events.


Can I ride your horses?
Sorry, but no.  Mane Support’s facility manager is responsible for the daily training and exercise of the horses.


Does Mane Support reimburse volunteers for transportation costs?
No, but expenses related to volunteer activities may be tax deductible.  Contact your CPA or consult the IRS for further information.


How do I get started volunteering at Mane Support?
Call the office at (865) 233-3090 and ask for an application packet or download it here.  Check out the calendar for the next orientation session!  We look forward to getting to know you!