SOS pictureThe SOS (Supporting Our Schools) Program of Mane Support, was developed to provide an outreach for the school systems, students, families and school personnel, to assist in enhancing the educational experience and success of students.  This outreach is designed to target students who have experienced a loss, as it relates to the absence of a parent due to circumstances other than death.  If there are identified students who have experienced a death of someone they know or who are experiencing the impending death of someone they know (Anticipatory Grief), groups will be designed accordingly.

The following is an outline of the components of the SOS Program and its purpose.

  1. The  SOS Program provides grief support services, both in school and at Mane Support. During the “in school” portion, specific times will be designated for the student(s) to meet with a Mane Support counselor and a school guidance counselor or teacher, to address pertinant issues through activities that allow the student’s to utilize their own means of communiation in expressing their loss.  This component of the program focuses on classroom success, enhancement of self-esteem, coping and communication skills  for those students who have experienced a significant  loss, as it relates to the absence of a parent or parents.  Groups will also be formed separately if the need is determined, as “loss” relates to a death or impending death in a student’s life.
  1. Along with groups and individual sessions for the student’s and families, continuing education, training and written materials will be provided to participating school systems and their personnel. This is provided in order to further support the students within SOS Program and to equip school personnel and administrators with needed education and strategies to address loss and tragedies within our schools and communities.
  1. A third component of the SOS Program is providing school systems with a developed Curriculum Model. This model outlines goals, objectives, teaching concepts and specific pathways of learning and activities that relate to the developmental levels of understanding for students, while providing school personnel with a step by step outline of unit lessons.SOS2
  1. Another important component of the SOS Program is the measurement of success through specific instruments. Working together with the individual school or school system, a pre and post test instrument will be administered, to ensure that the the program is enhancing the student’s school success and equipping the school personnel with what is needed to address grief and loss issues that arise.  This statistical information will then be utilized to further develop components or adjust what is already implemented,  in the best interest of the student and school.
  1. Lastly, Mane Support would like to enhance or establish a school by school or system wide Strategic Disaster Plan. This plan provides a base of knowledge that equips schools in being prepared for a natural disaster, a school disaster (such as a school shooting) or community disaster (such as a car accident, suicide or homicide).  A plan and team is developed according to the school areas and proximity with key team members and team member roles specifically identified.  Monthly and/or quarterly trainings will also be provided, to address areas of focus for this team.

It is the recommendation of Mane Support, that prior to the implementation of the SOS Program and following the initial consultation with the school and/or school system, that a parent meeting be conducted to introduce the program, and answer any questions.

For more information regarding the SOS Program or to schedule a consultation, please contact Kimberly Henry at (865) 233-3090 or