The programs of Mane Support are designed to meet the individuality of those we serve in addition to losses and trauma experienced. Within each program equine assisted grief counseling with EAGALA certified professionals are conducted, in addition to art, discussion and play. It is important that each client be able to express themselves with their own means of communication and that they feel safe within their arena of healing.

For more information and/or to register please contact Kimberly Henry at (865) 233-3090 or

Individual Equine Assisted Therapy

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Individual sessions are always available for someone who has experienced a death, loss, anticipated loss, and/or trauma.









Horses Helping Heroes


In October of 2015, Mane Support held its first military task force meeting. We were blessed to have a good attendance of individuals who are dedicated to providing services to those who serve our country and keep us safe. From that meeting developed Horses Helping Heroes. Since that time we have begun to see families who are experiencing the effects of deployment and have a three tier program.

Tier I Pre-deployment for the whole family

Tier II Deployment for the family members who are home

Tier III Reintegration for the whole family as they begin to put things back in place following deployment.

It is an honor to be able to provide this service! Read more…


Family Bereavement Night

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The Family Night Program of Mane Support is designed to address the needs of children, youth and adults who have experienced a death. Grade level groups are held to address the developmental levels of understanding of grief and loss through the equine assisted grief counseling, art, discussion and play. All groups for grades K-8th and parent/guardians are held simultaneously so that convenience if dinner provided.





Changing Reins

eyeChanging Reins is a group designed for widows of all ages.  Through the equine activities, art and discussion, participants begin to put pieces together again, in a different shape than before.  The group also allows for building of acquaintances, as stories and lives are shared…each now knowing that they are not alone with this experience.








(Supporting our Schools)

The SOS (Supporting Our Schools) Program of Mane Support, was developed to provide an outreach for the school systems, students, families and school personnel, to assist in enhancing the educational experience and success of students.  This outreach is designed to target students who have experienced a loss, as it relates to the absence of a parent due to circumstances other than death.  If there are identified students who have experienced a death of someone they know or who are experiencing the impending death of someone they know (Anticipatory Grief), groups will be designed accordingly. Read more…


ManePower is our unique group just for special needs children, teens, siblings, and parents. The children enjoy a rotation of fun interactive horse activities and art while the parents meet separately onsite. This group meets once and month and you must pre-register. Dinner is provided.