Betty’s Story

My hands trembled as I held the newspaper and read the most beautiful story of how horses were being used as therapy for dealing with grief. This had to be my light at the end of a long dark tunnel. I had found myself blindly walking through since the death of my beloved first born, my oldest daughter, my dear April Joyce.

She herself had to be guiding me to this special place called Mane Support because of the great love she had for horses. I’m convinced that she had to know that they possessed a quality that mere humans can never attain. Had I never picked up that newspaper on that particular morning on my way to work, I would never have learned of Mane Support and never would have met good ole Charlie Brown.

He was the oldest of all the horses that were used to work with the grieving and when given the choice of which horse I wished to work with I chose him. He was older, more laid back, relaxed and I figured, like me he’d had his share of trouble in this life and way too many disappointments. I felt certain if I could relate to any other being that God created it would be a horse. One that had fought the battles of everyday life trying desperately to emerge stronger each and every time; however, the battle I was facing when I met this four legged friend could not have possibly been one that he ever dealt with.

At the very beginning of my sessions with Charlie Brown all I wanted to do was put my arms around his neck and cry. Cry for the daughter I had lost, cry for the child that she left behind, cry for the years that I had wasted on unimportant things when all time could have been spent with my dear April!

I honestly believe my new friend could sense exactly what I was going through because he stood perfectly still while I brushed his long flowing mane telling him how I use to brush my daughter’s long beautiful hair while she lay so ill in that hospital bed.

He would look into my eyes like he knew that they were the window to my soul and he could see all the pain and agony that I was going through in my loss, but as he walked with me and listened deeply as I talked I slowly became the victor, with his help.

He allowed me to use his strength to get through makeshift obstacles that represented real hurdles in my life that were keeping me from making it through the death of my child. Things I did not realize were holding me back.

He let me know I was not walking through this grief alone. Though it seemed at times I’d never get to the other side of my pain, I found Mane Support while working with Charlie Brown, Kim, and Teresa I knew that whatever it took they would all be there for me and indeed they were!

That type of compassion and caring can only come from God above! Thank you Lord for Mane Support and good ole Charlie Brown.

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