April 19, 2016 – –I began volunteering at Mane Support in the fall of 2014, and little did I know that my volunteer work would become something that I look forward to so much every week. After moving to college here in Knoxville in ‘13 I had a hard time finding a place where I truly felt at home. Mane Support quickly became a place where, not only did I have the opportunity to feed horses every week, but I also began to build friendships with the horses as well as with the surrounding Mane Support volunteers and staff. My weekly visits have become a chance where I get to spend time with some of the most wonderful equine companions around. I feel at home as soon as I walk into the barn as everyone, horses and people alike, greet me as family.

Outside of Mane Support’s impact on my life, it is so encouraging to me to see what it is doing for the people in our community. Kim Henry’s hard work, humble heart, and encouraging personality draw people to the place as hearts are being healed. I am so encouraged by Mane Support’s firm foundation in its mission to reach people as it does. Mane Support will always hold a special place in my heart!


Laurel Jones, Mane Support Volunteer

June 27, 2011 — I recently began volunteering with Mane Support this summer. I feel that the Mane Support non-profit organization is supported by people who truly wish to provide a caring structure to aid individuals and groups through emotionally difficult times. Mane Support offers a unique approach to improving the lives of people by integrating wonderful equines into their programs. The people who come together and provide the structure for the organization are experienced, open, friendly and very understanding individuals. I have really enjoyed working with everyone at Mane Support and I feel very optimistic and confident in the organization’s ability to help people find peace in their hearts and minds.

lrizzi, Volunteer



June 14, 2011 — I became a client of Mane Support, a few years ago, due to numerous deaths in my family and some long time friends. While at the same time I was working through Post Traumatic Stress….. It was hard for me to imagine I may once again feel the stirrings of a smile in my heart and hope again.

The love, compassion and support of Kim Henry is a rare gift to find and a blessing that will stay with me. The staffs kindness and encouragement also circles around you. And then their are the magnificent presence of the horses. Being a city girl, this was new to me. Horses pick up on your inner emotions and while working with them you begin to feel healing. Amazing, all that is weaved together within ” Mane Support ” that gives out so much healing and safeness.

Eventually I became a volunteer and I am so grateful to be part of Mane Support and all they give, with their hearts, in helping others….

Please donate what you are able, to help this organization continue to reach out to hurting people.

crkdfeather, Client & Volunteer




June 22, 2011 –Hello, My name is Rachel and I started volunteering at mane support during last summer, and now I have come back to help again this summer. I would help during the year, but I have to go to my school out of state. Anyways, I enjoy volunteering for Mane support because it fills a special place in my heart. I know I am helping the community even if it is scooping poop and filling water buckets. My job creates a clean and inviting atmosphere for the patients who interact with the horses. Therefore, I intend on volunteering in any way I can as long as I can.

By the way, The Mane support stables are the cleanest stables I have ever seen!!!

Rachel S. , Volunteer



July 1, 2011 — I have been working with Mane Support and Kim Henry since March when we got matched on some consulting efforts through a grant program. I think Kim and I may just be kindred sisters at heart!! She has the most amazing spirit and I am just in awe of the way she touches so many lives by assisting in their healing process.

I recently learned a child I fostered last year had been through a group therapy program at Mane Support and guess who her instructor was… Kim. I was able to reconnect them over the phone. It really is such a small world.

I am just beginning to learn what Mane Support does and who they serve but I know they fill a need that can’t be found anywhere else for hundreds of miles.

Rebecca R.,  Marketing Consultant



June 8, 2011–I have been completing an internship with Mane Support Inc. this summer.  While I expected to be treated nice and professional, I was blown away by the kindness of the staff.  It is as if you become family, you can see the care, concern, and compassion that they put into every project.  Kim Henry does a wonderful job of balancing her various roles and keeping a well educated, respected, and motivated staff.  Not to mention the respect given to the clients, volunteers, and horses.  While interning here I have experienced several deaths in my own family and at each time my well being and needs were evaluated.  At Mane Support it is what is best for the person (client, staff, volunteer, or otherwise), what is best for the family, and what can we do to help!  An organization that may be small in number, but big in heart!!  Five stars all the way, I have never volunteered with an organization who believed its mission and cared so much!

 ncanfla, Intern